Spicy Chicken Caldo


1 large onion chopped
4 medium carrots,chopped 1/2-inch thick
6 Celery stalks, chopped 1/4 inch thick
2 medium zucchinis, chopped ½ inch cubes
1 large can (or 4 small cans) of El Pato brand salsa fresco salso (or “hot tomato sauce”, the yellow can not the green!) 
2 large chicken breasts 
2 tablespoons olive oil
5 cups chicken broth
3 cups water
Salt and pepper
1 bunch cilantro chopped
Lemon or lime wedges (to garnish)
Avocado (to garnish)



  1. Heat pot on high heat with one tablespoon olive oil and sear the chicken breasts till brown on all sides.

  2. Remove and transfer to a plate/bowl (you will add it back).
  3. Sauté onions with the rest of the olive oil in that same pot till translucent.
  4. Add carrots & celery
  5. Add chicken, broth, water, El Pato sauce, and 1 tsp salt.
  6. Bring to boil, cover, lower heat to medium and cover and let cook for 25 minutes.
  7. Remove chicken, shred with a fork, and add back to pot. Lower heat to medium-low and let cook for 25 more minutes. 
  8. Taste and add more salt and then pepper as needed.
  9. Throw in cilantro, give it a good stir, then cover again and let it simmer for about 2 minutes.
  10. Ladle in a bowl, squeeze in lemon or lime and add avocado.